Implementing a new packaging solution at Dunelm - Biffa


With that has come many challenges on packaging with a lot more combinations of goods needing to be parcelled up together but in a limited suite of bags or boxes. This requires retailers to pack out the remaining gaps inside each parcel in the most efficient way possible, whilst still protecting the products inside from damage.

Historically retailers would use bubble wrap or plastic void fill pockets filled with air, but Biffa wanted to introduce Dunelm to a new and more sustainable paper-based alternative called Geami.


Geami is a honeycomb structure of 2 layers of paper which can mould around any product whilst cushioning the goods during the rigors of shipment. Dunelm took our advice and are now using this system and material instead of plastic.

As a result, they have reduced their dependence on plastic packaging by 31 tonnes per annum and saved £12,000 in the process. More important than that, because the solution is from an FSC approved renewable source of raw material and widely recyclable at the kerbside, it’s also realised a carbon saving of 40 tonnes per annum; a significant contribution to the company’s overarching sustainability ambitions.

With Biffa’s help we’ve saved money, removed plastic, and reduced the carbon impact of our packaging with one simple change. It’s certainly putting us in the right direction and stacking up from an operational point of view to
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Gillian Cross, Senior Packaging Technologist
Cardboard box with product inside