Total Waste Management for Food Manufacturing - Biffa

We have worked with a leading British supplier of fresh and added-value food products for a several years, providing a wide range of total waste management solutions across their national network of 10 manufacturing facilities and 2 retail outlets.


To divert waste from landfill and identify recycling opportunities.


We partnered with our client to divert waste from landfill across its estate, improve disposal routes, increase rebates for recyclates and further reduce the overall cost per tonne.

Over the time, we have delivered a series of site-specific projects designed to drive effective onsite segregation, commodity extraction and manage costs on an ongoing basis.

Waste analysis identified that 20% of general waste was comprised of recoverable commodities. Onsite engagement resulted in these commodities being successfully extracted, turning what was once disposed of as waste into a revenue stream of c£165k p/a via rebates

  • To optimise transport and disposal cost, we migrated specific services from schedule collections to a “call-off” system. This process optimised collections, container capacity while also reducing transport costs, vehicle movements and the carbon footprint
  • Scoped and costed the possibility of an onsite wash plant, offering the opportunity to reduce waste, increase reuse opportunities and deliver a potential net saving of £2m over 5 years
  • Plastic to fuel project, exploring the opportunity to convert the significant volume of plastic generated onsite back into heavy oil which could then be traded as fuel


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