Food and Drink Manufacturing: Innovative Solutions - Biffa

Biffa have been providing tailored solutions to the total waste and resource management across our portfolio of customers for over 10 years. Managing waste arisings from Food Manufacturing Sites, Distribution Centres and Recycling Recovery Units where consumer focus and pressure to deliver an essential service is a main consideration. This means working flexibly to deliver a range of services to cover waste disposal, resource and asset management as well as innovative closed loop solutions in line with robust sustainability mapping and targets.

By continually innovating and interpreting new legislation Biffa are able to develop a package of services for our customers that incorporate a standard waste disposal, recycling and collection services with a mix of bespoke services such as consumer packaging collection and recycling, food donation and re-distribution and food waste recycling through the manufacturing of a pet food product for sale within retail environments we manage. Our bespoke reporting and proactive Account Management teams make informed decisions to continually deliver improvements and results to meet and exceed all targets.

Why choose Biffa?

Receive detailed and auditable reports, tracking waste, recycling and emissions
An online account, myBiffa, which all your sites and teams can access to manage waste services
Round the clock monitoring and tracking of our services to ensure our high health and safety standards are maintained
Actionable strategies and support to reduce waste, increase recycling rates and achieve zero waste to landfill
Cost Effective
Solutions to minimise spend and where possible, create value from waste.

Recommended services for food and drink manufacturers

  • Total Waste Management
  • Surplus redistribution
  • Recycling Services
  • Packaging Consultancy