Expert Utility Waste Management Services - Biffa

We work with our customers to change the way their sites think about waste and how it can be managed in both an environmentally conscious and economically sustainable way. Beyond being just a supplier, Biffa has become the sector’s number one trusted partner with over 15 years account management and service delivery experience . With compliance at the forefront of our relationships, we constantly review how alternatives to landfill can be sourced whilst balancing the complex nature of sewage screenings and grit disposal in this highly regulated sector.

Our continuous improvement strategy designed in partnership with our customers not only provides the route map towards fulfilment of our strategic objectives, but also creates the foundation for cultural change within these organisations. From managing complex waste removal projects to installing office based recycling schemes, our team continually source the best solutions for our customers. Our unrivalled data, produced in real time, informs the decision making of our account management teams to drive innovation and solution based projects. 

Why choose Biffa?

Receive detailed and auditable reports, tracking waste, recycling and emissions
An online account, myBiffa, which all your sites and teams can access to manage waste services
Round the clock monitoring and tracking of our services to ensure our high health and safety standards are maintained
Actionable strategies and support to reduce waste, increase recycling rates and achieve zero waste to landfill
Cost Effective
Solutions to minimise spend and where possible, create value from waste.