• Can I see my due invoices?

    Yes, the below information can be seen very quickly on myBiffa:

    • Invoice reference number
    • Amount due
    • Date invoice was issued
    • Date payment is due
    • The relevant site(s)
    • How to view, pay and query

    Log in to / register for myBiffa and select 'Invoices' in the menu.

  • How do I pay my invoice?

    You can pay your invoice in a number of ways including,

    • Paying by card online
    • Paying by Direct Debit
    • Paying by BACS

    Log in to / register for myBiffa to see all your invoices and make online payments.

  • How can I see my current charges?

    You will find lift price and any rental costs on your invoice.

  • How is my invoice calculated

    This depends on whether your invoice number has a 'T' or a 'C' in it.

    If you log in to / register for myBiffa and locate a recent invoice, you can check which letter is in your invoice number.

    Once you have this information, visit the help page in myBiffa for a detailed breakdown on how your invoice is calculated.

  • What is the excess tonnage charge on my invoice?

    An excess tonnage charge is a charge we apply when we have collected your container and it exceeds the weight limit of your ‘all in one’ price. We charge this by the kilogram so you will only be charged for the amount you go over your limit.

    How is this charge calculated?

    The line detailing the ‘Excess Tonnage Charge’ shows the weight in kilograms (in the ‘Quantity’ column) that was collected above your standard agreed weight.

    In the ‘Rate’ column you will find the price you pay per tonne. The value in the total column is calculated by taking the weight in kilograms, dividing it by 1000, and then multiplying it by the rate per tonne. In this example it would be 175 ÷ 1000 = 0.175, 0.175 x £148.70 = £26.02.

  • Why have I had two 5 week billing periods in a row?
    Most years have 52 weeks, but approximately every six years, 53 weeks need to be accounted for; 2022/23 is one of those years. Rest assured, you are still only being billed for the services you have actually received during that billing period.
  • Why is my invoice more expensive than last month?

    We work in 'billing periods', which are not calendar months, so some of our billing periods cover 4 weeks’ worth of services and some 5 weeks. So the amount charged will depend on how many services you received in that period. Where the billing period reflects 5 weeks of collections, it is likely to be for a higher amount.  But you will only be billed for the services you have received.

  • Why have I received an email from SideTrade?

    We use SideTrade to provide enhanced flexibility and visibility of your invoices. This allows us to send you regular statements of your account and gives you the ability to easily communicate with us about any payment issues. Any clickable links contained within emails sent to you by us, along with your details, are completely safe and secure.

  • Can I download a copy of my invoice?

    Yes, you can do this in myBiffa.

    Simply log in to / register for myBiffa and select 'Invoices' from the menu. Click on the three dots next to the invoice you want to download, then select 'View'. Your invoice will open and you will be able to download and / or print it.

  • How do I change who receives payment related emails?

    You can change this in myBiffa.

    1. Log in to / register for myBiffa
    2. In the top right, select your name and then 'Manage your business' from the drop down
    3. If someone is already receiving payment-related emails, they will be listed here; you can add / removed / amend any recipients, and the information they receive on their emails
    4. If no one is receiving payment-related emails, you can check the 'I want to go paperless' tick box and enter the relevant email address(es)

    Alternatively, you can contact us on 0800 601 601 option 3, option 2, or email credit.control@biffa.co.uk. You will need your account or contract number when contacting us. Both of these can be found on your invoice, or on any communication from us.

  • How to I raise an invoice dispute?

    We're sorry to hear you don't believe your invoice is correct.

    To raise an invoice dispute or query, please log in to myBiffa and follow the below steps:

    1. Select 'Invoices' from the menu
    2. Locate the invoice you want to dispute or query and select the three dots next to it
    3. From within the three dots, select 'Query invoice'
    4. Complete the short form with a description of why you believe your invoice is incorrect
    5. Submit the form

    If you raise an invoice query through myBiffa, you will be able to keep a track of its progress by revisiting the 'Invoices' page in the menu and selecting 'Queries' from the tabs near the top of the page.

    Please note that this is only possible in myBiffa for unpaid invoices. If your want to query an invoice that has already been paid, contact us on 0800 601 601 or services@biffa.co.uk instead.

  • How will I know when my invoice query has been resolved?

    If you have raised your query in myBiffa, you will be able to see the outcome by going to the 'Invoices' page and selecting 'Queries' from the top of the page.

    If the query was raised through our customer services team, we will contact you to advise the outcome.

  • I want to change my bank details / close my Biffa account - should I cancel my Direct Debit?

    If you are considering closing your account, or need to change the account from where payments are made, please call us on 0800 601 601. We will be happy to help you with any changes needed, and can help avoid your account going into arrears.

There may also be some Waste Transfer Note related costs on your invoice which you can read more about.

If you still have questions about your invoice, contact us on 0800 601 601 or services@biffa.co.uk.