Fluorescent Tube Disposal: Safe & Sustainable - Biffa
Our fluorescent tube boxes come as pipes which can hold up to 50 fluorescent tubes at a time or pallet boxes, suitable for larger quantities which can hold up to 500 tubes. 
  • General information

    The Fluorescent Tube Pipe is made from rigid polymer and has two end caps for ease of use. Each pipe can hold up to 50 fluorescent tubes at a time.

    The Pallet Box contains up to 500 fluorescent tubes, making it a smarter choice for any business handling fluorescent tubes in high volumes. The container is easily moved by forklift or pallet truck.

    Suitable for:

    • Linear fluorescent tubes

    Not suitable for:

    • Anything else, including packaging and broken tubes
  • Product variations

    Fluorescent Tube Pipe

    Capacity Waste Types Dimensions (L×D)
    50 Fluorescent Tubes Hazardous Waste 2.44 x 0.225 m

    Fluorescent Tube Pallet Box

    Capacity Waste Types Dimensions (L×D×H)
    Up to 500 fluorescent tubes Hazardous Waste 1.925 x 0.8 x 0.55 m