Efficient Drum Waste Disposal Services Near You - Biffa
We know that being able to properly store hazardous waste and keep it safely out of the way before it is removed from your site is imperative. That's why we supply three different types of specially-designed waste drums; bung tops for liquid wastes, clip tops for solids, sludge and liquid wastes, and vented drums for aerosols.
  • General information

    Store flammable, radioactive, poisonous and harmful waste safely and easily with our waste drums. Each one is specially-designed to hold harmful waste and has a secure lid to prevent any leaking or spillages.

    The dimensions and material of each waste drum varies depending on the capacity and specified usage. However, if you are unsure which drum is right for you, we can advise on the best one for your needs.  With Biffa, you can rest assured that your hazardous waste will be safely stored before it is collected and disposed of.

    What are our waste drums suitable for?

    It’s important to note that our waste drums can only store the types of hazardous waste listed below. To store other kinds of harmful waste, please browse our waste safes and waste bins and containers collection. 

    Only suitable for:

    • Liquid waste (oils, paints, etc.)
    • Solid waste (oily rags, batteries etc.)
    • Aerosols
  • Product variations

    Types of waste drum

    Our waste drums come in a variety of different sizes to store small and large amounts of hazardous waste. Whether you have 30 litres or 205 litres, you can be sure to find the right waste drum for your needs.

    Capacity Waste Types
    30 Litre Hazardous Waste
    60 Litre Hazardous Waste
    110 Litre Hazardous Waste
    205 Litre Hazardous Waste