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What iff business challenges became dinner solutions?

We help businesses in a bind with surplus and even damaged stock, by repackaging it at our warehouse and moving it to one of our Company and Community Shops. Our scale means we’re helping more businesses, up and down the country, get value out of surplus: wasting less, giving back and doing our bit to look after the planet.
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What iff manufacturing waste was given a new life?

That's the vision we're working towards. When it comes to complex mixed materials, we find new ways to process them safely and sustainably, turning them into something brand-new. We work with customers and innovative partners to give hard-to-recycle materials new life. 
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What iff a waste management company wanted to reduce waste?

At Biffa, that's exactly what we've been working on. We help our customers recycle, redistribute and reuse waste. It's all part of Biffa driving the circular economy. Connecting like-minded organisations. Creating opportunities. championing communities. It's how we help businesses and organisations grow more sustainably.

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What iff waste legislation didn’t weigh on your mind?

When it comes to running a small business, there’s never enough hours in the day - let alone staying on top of changing waste legislation. We help businesses with expert guidance and practical solutions, saving money and headaches, so they can focus on doing what they do best.
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What iff expert advice was baked into your business?

For businesses with sustainability goals, a seemingly small change can make the world of difference. Our packaging experts identified that one of our customers was going through tonnes of non-recyclable greaseproof paper every year. We found a lighter, recyclable alternative; reducing costs, driving up recycling rates and moving them closer to their green pledge.
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What iff en route was on camera?

At Biffa, safety is the top priority. It’s why we launched the Control Centre as part of our service for local authorities. We remotely monitor each truck, continually streaming and reviewing footage to find opportunities to reduce risks while the collection crews are out on the road. By being aware of operations at every single point, we can help local authorities stay on the front foot and proactively suggest any improvements for health and safety before they become issues.
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What iff recycling was the talk of the town?

Three of our local authority partners have been in the top five of the Recycling League Table for over a decade. And there’s a reason for that. We work with local authorities within the community to drive up recycling rates: taking our iconic Wasteater trucks into schools for hands-on learning, engaging with local groups on recycling best practice and creating clear guides for local households on how, what and where to recycle. From kerbside to depot, we support our local authority customers at every point.

Change begins with what iff...

What iff you can save money by recycling?