Do you need to safely dispose of small hazardous waste products? Find out more about our battery disposal service.

Batteries should never be thrown away in regular bins. They are full of metals such as zinc, alkaline and mercury, and will corode over time. If they are left in landfill sites, corrosion could cause the batteries to leak and pollute the nearby ground, resulting in potential environmental damage. We can offer a disposal service for all of your small hazardous waste items, including batteries. This can range from one-off battery disposal requirements – such as clearing out an old storeroom – to providing battery recycling containers on a regularly scheduled or ad-hoc basis for larger volumes.

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Battery Recycling Containers

We offer a variety of solutions for the disposal of batteries of all types and in any volume, including battery boxes and drums.


Education on Types of Batteries

We can also provide educational material to help your employees segregate the different types of batteries and bulbs ensuring you remain compliant.


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